Packing for a Safari

In general, do as my son Jason suggests, take the clothes you love.
Please don’t go out & buy fancy safari clothes. People are not impressed with ‘the safari look’!
Make do with what you wear at home – your favourite shorts & tops & sweater & hat.
Wear your heaviest stuff on the plane so all you need is your lightweight carry-on.

See the little plane? You may only take a small soft bag. (24″x12″x10″)

You’ll need loose fitting summer wear for day & something warm for evenings & early morning game drives.
*Neutral, natural colours are best. Choose khaki, off white, olive green, etc.
Red frightens animals. Blue attracts biting insects.

Mornings are cold. Everyone has warm sweaters. Even though our guide is in shorts, we were happy with our long pants.

During the afternoon you can do other activities – swim if there’s a pool, read, do your journal, edit pictures, have a shower, etc. Maybe go for a trail walk. And it’s hot. You’ll want your shorts & a light top & your sandals.

If you go out on a Sundowner wear your warm clothes again.

So, here’s what I’d pack:

  • undies & socks – 3 days worth
  • 3 short sleeved shirts, 1 long sleeved shirt
  • 2 pr shorts, 1 pr trousers
  • I’d also tuck in a comfy yoga outfit if it packed up small
  • 1 fleece (or just buy one there, camps have gift shops)
  • jammies, bathing suit
  • running shoes, sandals
  • shampoo bar, moisturizer bar, toothbrush & tabs, deodorant, comb
  • hat, sunglasses

Then there’s the stuff that you need but takes up room:

  • camera &/or phone + chargers & adaptor (for 220/240AC)
  • binoculars & small flashlight
  • day backpack (for use in the jeep & on walks)
  • wet wipes, kleenex packets, insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm
  • journal/planner, pens, pencils
  • meds: band-aids, Gravol, antibiotics, paracetamol, Immodium, eye drops, anti-histamine pills & cream, etc.
  • I like to take a travel clock as well

Don’t leave home without:

  • passport, + photocopy of your passport (I carry a laminated copy)
  • visas – yes, you need a visa for Kenya – I tried to get one online & gave up but it was easy to get it at the airport when I arrived.
  • immunization card – you don’t need yellow fever for Kenya but shots for typhoid, hepatitis A&B, meningitis, tetanus, & polio are recommended.  Check on your country’s travel guidelines site.
  • malaria pills – again, check with your health site
  • copies (in a separate place) of all your important information (credit cards, health card, insurance numbers, airline information, immunization card, etc.) + leave a copy of your itinerary & your important numbers with a family member at home

It’s nice to bring gifts:

  • You give tips at the end of your stay in each place so bring a pack of small thank you cards from the dollar store – a personal note is very much appreciated & it’s good to have an envelope for money
  • little things from your country are fun to give – I try to find small Canada pins & maple sugar candy
  • the staff liked the gum I brought, which was a surprise & they also love hard candies
  • a soccer ball is a prized gift (& no, I didn’t take one)

Wear your heaviest stuff on the plane – your long pants, long sleeved shirts, jacket or fleece, & running shoes so all you need is your lightweight carry-on.

My 40L pack weighs practically nothing. It fits in any plane so I never need to check a bag. It’s soft so it works well on safari. My daypack is in it as well. I take this wee bag everywhere. It’s stuffed here because I was going trekking in Patagonia & needed a few more things.

Wear your heavy clothes when you travel. Not all this. It was February in Canada. The top layer is my safari jacket.

Let’s go to Kenya and Uganda!

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