The Penguins!

“We can’t go all the way to Patagonia & not see penguins”

Ushuaia is pretty much ‘The End of the World.’ the Straits of Magellan. The Beagle Channel. We have to go.

So… Jenny & I took the short flight from El Calafate to Ushuaia to see the penguins. We stayed an extra day to trek in the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

A small boat took our group to the island of Ushuaia. Filled with Magellanic & Gentoo penguin colonies. Tours are capped at 20 humans at a time in order to limit any impact on the bird’s habitat. We spent an hour watching these truly delightful fellows as they ran in & out of the water, dug their burrows in the dunes & called out to their friends. Phenomenal. Well worth the extra flight & extra day.

The rest … not so much. Ah well. We went, we saw, we took the pictures.
Maybe it was the weather (cold & wet) maybe it was the town. Just one main street filled with tourists. Maybe it was us.

Coming from wonderful experiences & expecting more of the same. Alas – Ushuaia is about the penguins. We loved seeing the penguins! 🙂

On our last afternoon Jenny went for a run along the Beagle Channel waterfront. I attempted Spanish at the post office mailing a present to my grandson and again at a bakery requesting ‘pain & queso’.

We found a sunny spot on our hotel’s enclosed rooftop space & enjoyed a picnic with a chilled wine that we had been saving. It was lovely to have time to relax, read our books and look through our many pictures… remembering our big adventure.

  • Tierra Turismo did an excellent job managing everything for us
  • Hotel Alto Andino was fine & had a seating area overlooking the harbour.
  • The restaurants Ramos Generales on the harbour & Tante Sara on the main street were good.  
  • Our Trek in Tierra del Fuego National Park was a pleasant walk.
  • Visit Estancia Harberton. An historic farmhouse with a coffee shop.

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